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Yaseen Anwer

Multilingual Poet and Founder Kaafiya

Yaseen Anwer is an Indian multilingual poet who writes in English, Hindi and Urdu. He is the founder of "Kaafiya -  The Poetry Festival". He was also the founder and the managing editor of Poets Corner Group and Delhi Poetry Festival till mid 2015 which was established in June 2011 and in January 2013 respectively.

Yaseen’s work has appeared in more than 80 national and international magazines and journals. He also has had the honor of having his words translated to other languages like Chinese, Portuguese, Hindi, etc. He has been awarded the title of Young Poet in 2012 by the Indian Poetry Society & 100 Thousand Poetsfor Change.

Apart from poetry, he accepts his prolific love for photography and digital imaging. He also enjoys moderating poetry sessions at various festivals and gatherings.