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Tejal Vasavada

Director-American Corner Ahmedabad

 Tejal A Vasavada is the Director of the American Corner in Ahmedabad. She is joined as an Administrator/Outreach Coordinator for the Indo American Education Society. Her responsibilities include outreach, event coordination, and day-to-day operations.

She has extensive experience in a variety of businesses. She has previously worked for GHCL (Icon Data Management), TATA Tele Services, Aegis, Ace Information Way, and Helen O' Grady. (Australia). She enjoys both music and drama. In her previous position, she taught pupils ages 3 to 18 about personal development, communication, expression, and confidence through drama. She believes that if you can't express yourself, you can't perform well in any situation.

She finished her study in "Film Production and Management," and as part of the course project, she created three short documentaries. Her primary areas of experience include event coordination, quality assurance and counseling, vendor management, client management, and training.