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Sumant Batra

Lawyer, Thought Leader, Author and Social Commentator

A lawyer of international repute, social commentator and thought leader, Sumant Batra is the founder and architect of a number of innovative creative projects to promote Indian heritage, culture, art and literature.  He is the co-founder of NHP Centre, an independent research foundation striving to creatively document India’s rich cultural heritage, traditions and practices, in particular from the twentieth century, for the benefit of future generations.The Centre seeks to inspire the youth to engage with art and culture while pursuing their economic goals and aspirations so that they continue to realize and manifest their cultural identity within the unique plurality of the cultural hierarchies of India.

He is also the author of the bestselling coffee table book - The Indians.

An avid collector of memorabilia, he is probably the largest collector of Indian cinema memorabilia. Together with his wife Asha Batra, Sumant is working on an aspirational project to document the rich heritage and history of Indian Cinema for the benefit of present and future generation.