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Dr. Sonali Pattnaik

feminist poet, academic, educator, editor and visual artist.

Dr Sonali Pattnaik (Phd) is a poet, academic, educator and visual artist from India. She is

formerly Permanent Lecturer in English at Kirori Mal College, Delhi University and
currently Visiting Professor of English and Outside Expert, Board of Studies, English at St.
Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad. An alumnus of Delhi University (Lady Shri Ram College and
St. Stephen’s College) she has taught Literature in English, Film and Gender Studies over
twenty two years in several prestigious universities and institutes including Delhi University,
Mumbai University, SNDT University and Whistling Woods, Mumbai. Her solo debut book
of poetry when the flowers begin to speak (Writers Workshop) was described by Prof.
Ananda Lal of Writers Workshop as an “excellent and formidable volume”, Prof. Sudha Rai
as “truly a milestone in Indian feminist writing” and as reminiscent of Sylvia Plath’s poetry
by renowned poet and editor Candice Louisa Daquin and was featured in the “India
Bibliography” of the prestigious Journal of Commonwealth Literature.
She is the recipient of The Orange Flower Award for Poetry 2022, the WE Illumination
Award 2023, the WE Gifted Poet Award 2023 and the International Excellence Award, 2023.
Her poetry and art have been published in several international anthologies including
Madness An Anthology of World Poetry, The Kali Project and Of Brave Hearts and Dry
Tongues and journals including, Dissident Voice, Muse India, Yugen Quest Review, Parcham,
Cafe Dissensus, Setu and Fem Asia. She has long been an advocate of a gender equal society
and has consistently worked towards this vision in her writing, activism and teaching.