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Smita Dhru


Smita Dhruv has contributed many children’s stories to Divya Bhaskar and Champak. Her book  “Roller–Coaster School” (2010) for children has received appreciation from Gujarat Sahitya Academy.

Smita's passion is writing on life stories of the unsung freedom fighters of Colonized India, and a series written for children was compiled as " Bharatni Azadina Anami Shaheedo " in Gujarati  (2016) and reprinted (2020) . It is translated into Hindi by the famous multilingual author Mallika Ji Mukherjee (2020). 
Smita’s historical fiction in English “ The Untold Story of Kakori ” is awarded with " ????? ??????? ???? ?????? "  in 2020.Smita writes poems and short stories in Gujarati and English on various platforms and has translated poetry collections and novels into English and Gujarati from Hindi. Smita Dhruv is M.Sc.from Mumbai University.