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Shalini Samnol

Poet, Author and Mentor

 Shalini is a master’s in business administration who took up banking on a professional front.

A vagabond by instinct...a writer by chance and a musician by heart, even vacuum is enough to trigger her thoughts to be splashed in form of words. A mountain girl to the core, she defies the urban winds that try to seize her of her rustic essence. Her core competence lies in topics like relationships, emotions, people, nature and self-help. She has contributed her stories and verses in many anthologies like Memories and Mirages, Wait Till I Tell You and Wa-Bi-Sa-Bi. She has recently co-authored an ebook with a schoolmate titled “Beyond Fairy Tales” which is based on the less spoken side of  selected fairy tales. . Shalini has added her verse to each such fairy tale.

She also helps young writers transform into published and professional writers.

This book Saviours of the Sea has found its complete shape under her guidance and mentorship