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Abhignya Sajja

Academic , Writer and PhD Scholar

Abhignya Sajja is a writer and academic. She is a PhD scholar working on the genealogy of Existentialist Philosophy in the works of the canonical Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky. She finds solace in teaching literature in college classrooms and engaging with students of the domain.  Abhignya acquired a B.A degree from St. Xavier’s college, Ahmedabad in 2016 with a gold medal and an M.A in English Literature from M.S University in 2021, Vadodara with a Gold medal. She has presented research papers at various institutions of repute and a few of her publications are as follows-“Living the Gently Transgressive Life: Thoughts on Elizabeth and her German Garden”, ”Subverting Adult Hegemony: An Examination of Child-centric Narratives in the context of Shklovsky’s theoretical framework”,  and ”An Advancement towards a Green, Equal Future: An Eco-feminist Study of Han Kang’s The Vegetarian and The Fruit of my Woman”. Abhignya is interested in the areas of Existentialism and literary Feminism. Most of her time is spent in reading, writing, gardening, and travel.