Rinku Rathod

 Rinku Rathod is an acclaimed writer and poetess, and holds the position of the Deputy Section Officer at the Sachivalay, Gandhinagar.

She has penned several books and compilations mainly in the Gujarati language, some of which include -  akshar sada panch ( collection of ghazals) and Drshyo bhinevan (collection of poetry) She is also the recipient of many awards, including accolades by the Kala Mahotsav and the Rotary Club of Gujarat. 

*Published books :

1.Akshar sada panch (अक्षर साडा पांच)


2. Drshyo bhine van (दृश्यों भीने वान) 


3. To tme raji? ( तो तमें राजी? ) 


* Awards - 

 1 .Yuva gourav purskar - 2020 ( Gujarat Sahitya akademi)

 2. Kavi shree Ravji Patel yuva Sahityakar Award.