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Rachana Yadav

Publisher and MD - Hans, Director-TRYKS

 Rachana Yadav

RachanaYadav belongs to a family where Indian Culture has always been patronized and promoted. She is the daughter of Smt Mannu Bhandari and Shri RajendraYadav , two of the most eminent names in the world of Hindi Literature. From them she imbibed a keen interest in art and culture.

 She firmly believes that culture is one of the strongest pillars of society, hence she has dedicated her life to promoting the rich Indian culture through classical dance and literature.

 As a trained Kathak (A Classical Dance form of India ) performer,

She  has presented her solo and group choreographic works in many of the major dance festivals in India as well as on many global platforms. Her choreographies have got her extensive critical acclaim and appreciation giving her a recognition as one of the leading Kathak performer and choreographer. She is a graded artist of Doordarshan and empaneled with ICCR.

 As a part of this endeavor to promote culture, she also trains and teaches this art form to her students at her institute  ‘The Rachana Yadav Kathak Studio’, based in New Delhi/ NCR. As the Artistic Director of this organization , Rachana also conducts workshops and lecture demonstrations .

 In 2013, following the demise of her father Rajendra Yadav,  celebrated Hindi author and editor, Rachana took over as the Publisher & Managing Director of HANS – the largest Hindi literary magazine in India, with a wide and diverse readership. Started by none other than the legendary Hindi author Premchand (1930), and revived by Rajendra ji ( 1986),  Hans is not a mere magazine but an institution which has defined the trends in the field of Hindi literature. Rachana  strives to ensure a continuous publication of Hans, with the objective of heralding its leading position as well as increasing its reader base. And to ensure that the contribution of Hans continues to be as valuable and more in the field of Hindi literature.

 With her classical dance training and a literary background, Rachana tends to marry these two at times. Her choreographies use contemporary literary themes which are projected through dance. She tends to use poetry by Famous Indian poets and also writes  poetry for her choreographies . This has created a distinct identity for her work. It has been critically acclaimed and has got recognition for this exclusive niche that it enjoys now.