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Copy Writer, Features Reporter and Founder- Hunar Manch


Prakhar is a passionate conversationalist, storyteller, and art enthusiast. He thrives on engaging in conversations with individuals from diverse backgrounds, considering them a profound form of education. Prakhar holds a degree in cinema and screenwriting, fueling his creative spirit and storytelling abilities. With a versatile professional journey, he has worked as a copywriter and ad film writer for various agencies, crafting compelling narratives, and spent three years as a features reporter in journalism, uncovering fascinating stories.

His love for the arts runs deep, leading him to establish 'Hunar Manch,' an events organisation curating art shows celebrating creativity. Prakhar is an interviewer extraordinaire, believing that everyone has a unique story to tell. He has interviewed renowned artists like Raghu Rai, Rekha Bharadwaj, Danish Hussain, and numerous actors from the Gujarati and Hindi film industries. His mission is simple: to listen to intriguing stories and share them with the world. Join him on a journey of discovery and storytelling, where every conversation unveils remarkable narratives that enrich our world