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Mukul Kumar

Civil Servant, Novelist and Poet

 Mukul Kumar

Mukul Kumar is a civil servant, novelist and poet. He belongs to the 1997 batch of Indian Railway Traffic Service. Presently he is working in the Railway Board, Ministry of Railways.

His published works include three novels, ‘As Boys Become Men’ (RUPA Publications), Seduction by Truth’ (Bloomsbury, India) and “Lost in the Love Maze”(Treeshadebooks), and three poetry anthologies, ‘The Irrepressible Echoes’, ‘Catharsis’ and “Rhythm of the Ruins”. Mukul has recently ventured into writing in Hindi. His latest work is his debut Hindi fiction Aarohi”.

Mukul has been honoured with the National award for outstanding service to the Indian Railways, Bharat Nirman award for literary excellence by Bharat Nirman Foundation, and Poorvanchal Gaurav samman for his contributions to society as a bureaucrat and writer.


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