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Actress, Dancer and Director

 Monalisa is an actress, dancer and director at Pixel forest film studio. Working in Indian film industry since 2006 known for her films like 'Savuli' , 'Native Cango' and 'Chitrakoot'. She has done many ad film's and video albums. She strongly believe that travel is a best learning part in the life, that is why she traveled for 3 year in India and learned Dangi folk dance kahalya from Dang, Bihu from Assam, Ghoomar from Rajasthan, Shudhaya nritya, Lavani from Maharashtra and Urban dance styles. She completed her study from Ball bharti collage mumbai. She teachs children how to make films threw Cinevidya workshops. Her upcoming movie name is 'Shama' and 'Naad premacha'.