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Michael Paul Hogan

Poet, Journalist, Essayist and Fiction Writer

 Born in London, Michael Paul Hogan is a poet, journalist, literary essayist and fiction writer whose work has appeared extensively in the USA, UK, India and China. His poetry has appeared in many international arts magazines and in six individual collections: Ahab’s Dead (Making Waves Press, 1991); Estocada (The Frogmore Press, 1993); Six Variations on a Theme of Jacques Prevert (The Day Dream Press, 1996); The Undead (Smitha Press, Bangalore, 2000); American Voodoo (Bluechrome, 2008, in the UK, and again in 2011, with Chinese translations, by Foreign Languages Press in Beijing); and Chinese Bolero (San Zhi Xiong Press, 2015). Venues at which he has read his poetry include The Poetry Café and The Keats House in London, and The Rondo Theatre in Bath. As a journalist he has been Features Writer and Columnist for Island Life in Key West, Florida; Theatre Critic for The Bristol Evening Post in the UK; and Features Writer & Features Editor for Dalian Today in North-east China. He has also contributed many book reviews to literary journals in the USA, UK and India. As an essayist he has published significant studies in both classic and contemporary literature, as well as on painting, photography and mixed-media art. During a life of much travel and discovery, he has lived in the USA, India, Sumatra, Java, Thailand and China. He is married to Yan Xiang Shu, the former ballet dancer and translator of his poetry into Chinese, and his first collection of short stories, Street Light Bolero, is scheduled for publication later this year.


Praise for Michael Paul Hogan’s poetry:

Hogan's poetry is strongly coloured by his perpetual travel and need to see, smell, hear and generally experience all of the world's flowers. But he isn't a fey, lyrical poet; his work has an edge that is rarely seen in English poetry, and is usually countered with a subtle humour and an innate, seemingly effortless quality that many better-known poets would die for. He travels the world, typewriter in hand like some latter-day soldier-poet, and this world, seen through his eyes and recorded in his magnificent verse, is a fantastic and varied place to be. Anthony Delgrado, Managing Editor, Bluechrome Publishing.