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Meghana Gandhi

Inner Power Expert, Author, Life Coach

 Meghana Gandhi

Meghana Gandhi is an “Inner Power Expert, Therapeutic Art Life Coach, Author, Blogger, Soft Skills Trainer & Life Mentor” as well as a prominent Gujarati speaker.

She has also received recognition and awards from various different national and international institutions. As a writer, she has published four different books in Gujrati, Hindi and English while her articles have also been published across newspapers and magazines on a global scale.

 She is the CEO & Founder of EduHorizon Infinite Learning, which aims at helping women raise from the dark and making them self-sufficient. Believing In the concepts of self-help, the organisation tries to guide everyone find their path towards self-love. It acts as the bridge between the infinitive of the horizon of hope and the reality of knowledge for everyone

 As an Inner Power Expert, through her different programs, she explains things with ease along with stories and experiences. She talks about how our beliefs and thoughts affects our physical, mental, educational, economic, social and spiritual life. She is instrumental in changing one's thinking and improving their quality of life.

 As a Therapeutic Art Life Coach, she has taken different workshop on art base. She has filled up the lives of many people with humour, fun along with different therapies of Art and helped them understand the goal of their life by helping them be free from all fears.

 As a Life Mentor, she has guided more than 5000 people enriching them with infinite love and showcasing their inner capabilities to achieve their goals. Apart from being a public speaker, she is a keen listener and gives guidance, honest advice & inspiration that will completely change your future.

 Her Philosophy is “Self-belief and self-acceptance are both key tools for positive change.” Release the past and forgive everyone. Love Yourself, inside and out, everything will change in your life. Become a magnet of love and attract the best things from the Universe.


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