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Kusum Choppra

Author, Senior Journalist

 Kusum Choppra is a renowned writer, journalist, numerologist and environmentalist. Her books Mastani, Nirbhaya, and 'Others Who Dared' are a tribute to the power of women. Her long spanned career in journalism has helped her add subtle yet powerful nuances to her writing work as well. Her style of writing is not submissive in nature, but rather upfront and idealistic. Her other books are , Beyond Diamond Rings , 'Silver Dreams' , Rishte and 'Altitudinus' ( Altitudinus is the collaborative work of 10 authors ).

Her Pathbreaking stories used to appear in The Week, Rajasthan Patrika, Hindustan Times, Sakal, Maharashtra Times, Deccan Herald, Current, Freedom First,and,many,more.