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Kiana Kleem

Poet & Actor

Kiana Kleem is a talented actor and writer with tremendous drive and passion. Her acting started in London. Whilst in London she has worked in various short films, commercials, feature and theatre. As an actor; challenging characters, intense emotions and interesting stories intrigue and inspire her.

She has an uncanny talent for imagery poetry. She believes that art comes from within but poetry comes from deep within. Poetry comes naturally to her.

Kiana gets her inspiration from observations, experiences, movies or books. You can taste her crisp poems in her book I Kiss You Blue.

Kiana Kleemm is a London based writer and actor. She describes herself as a true Artoholic and Movieholic with the same interest and passion in Poetry. Kiana thrives on the energy whiles writing and creating art, whether it is poem, screenplay or performance. She has been an avid reader since a very young age. This book I Kiss you Blue presents the essence of her understanding of life, experiences, pain, pleasures, love, beauty and sorrows.

Kianas poems are contemporary. Some are semi-autobiographical. She receives inspiration from readings, movies, art, experiences, and observation. She believes that small things in our daily lives can be inspiring if we just take a few moments to stop and recognize it.

So, while reading Kianas Poems, you will experience those Little Joys of daily lives as well as deep dive into the human psyche where you feel you rather stay Unborn. Come, hold I Kiss you Blue in your hands and Kiss your Pains Away(or fell Bliss) while she takes you through the beautiful journey with her heartfelt words. Hope you enjoy the experience!