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Kaveri Purandhar

Writer, Host , Founder-Pretty Much Everything

 Dr. Kaveri Purandhar

 Dr. Kaveri Purandhar is a researcher by profession and the founder of Pretty Much Everything – Rendezvous and Reviews with Kaveri.

 Kaveri is a freelancer which involves emceeing, vlogging-blogging and moderating for meaningful events. She has been a talk show host and an outreach editor as well for over a year for a largest digital media platform for women.

 She recently had a learning experience of editing two books, one for children and the other for adults which are in printing press as of now.

 Kaveri is a mother of 9-year-old child, she likes to read, write, eat and love to travel during her free time. She is a people’s person who is unlearning every day to learn something new.

 She believes in her own saying, “Take yourself seriously, then only others around you will take you seriously.”