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Jagat Kinkhabwala

Writer and Environmentalist, Gujarat

 Jagat Kinkhabwala is an evironmental conservationalist, nature specialist, environment management consultant and writer. He has dedicated most of his life in the conservation and protection of the environment, and especially the sparrow bird. He's fondly known as the 'Sparrow Man' of India. 

He has been applauded by Hon'ble PM Narendra Modi for his conservation work. Other than conducting several workshops all over the world to sensitize people about nature and environment, he has published the book "Save the Sparrows" which has recieved critical as well as widespread mass acclaim. 

Kinkhabwala has also contributed immensely to his cause of protecting the sparrows by distributing more than 50, 000 sparrow nests free of cost, giving lectures worldwide on nature preservation and creating awareness within the global masses.