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Iti Shukla

Clinical Psychologist

 Ms Iti Shukla is an RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India) registered Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist with 30 years of experience in hospital, institutional and academic settings. She is an alumni of Mumbai University. She has a well established practice at Sterling Hospitals, Ahmedabad.


Ms Iti Shukla specializes in counseling & psychotherapy for a wide variety of mental and emotional issues, e.g., Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Anger Issues, Marital Discord, Student’s Behavioural & Academic Difficulties, Special Issues of NRIs, etc. She has successfully treated hundreds of patients with chronic and complicated mental & emotional issues.


Ms Iti Shukla also specializes in administration and interpretation of various psychometric tests for diagnosis of psychological problems, Learning Disabilities,  IQ Assessment,  Career Counseling & neurological Assessment,


She is a reputed Corporate Trainer who has been training executives, managers, and other staff on improving mental and emotional health. She conducts workshops / talks for students, teachers, and parents on various age-related topics.


She writes articles on mental health topics in newspapers and magazines. She is regularly invited to various TV Channels for discussions on mental health issues.