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Dr.Ishmeet Kaur Chaudhry

Educationist, Author and Poet

Dr. Ishmeet Kaur Chaudhry (educationist, author and poet) teaches at the Centre for English Studies at Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar. She was recognised as an Inspired Teacher for The President of India’s In-residence Program at Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi in June 2015.  She has been largely interested in areas of literatures of margins, studies of violence, trauma, and women studies. She has also been actively engaged in Comparative Studies and Translations from Punjabi into English. She was a member of the Global Guru Granth Sahib Translation project at Sikh Research Institute, USA from 2018 to 2023. Her recent work has been on violence studies engaging with discourses on the 1984 anti-Sikh carnage in Delhi.


She is an editor of Black November: Writings on Anti-Sikh Massacres of 1984 and the Aftermath (2019); Patrick White: Critical Issues (2014); co-editor of Violence, Subversion and Recovery: Women Writers from the Sub-continent and Around (2019, with Rachel Bari); co-editor of Seeking Nanak : Commemorating the 551st Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Devji (2021, with Paramjeet Singh and Charanjeet Kaur) and the author of Life Sketch and Teachings of Guru Teghbahadar Sahib (2023, with Jaswant Singh) and Texting the Scripture: Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the Visionary Poetics of Patrick White (2016).


Her collection of poems is Forbidden Button and Other Poems (Signorina Publications, 2020) Her poems have been published in prestigious journals like Muse India, Culture Cult, and South Asian Ensemble. and prestigious anthologies like Yearbook of Indian Poetry 2021 and Amity Peace Poems by Shahana Ahmed. Her poems have been translated in Marathi for the anthology of Indian Women Poetry by Prithviraj Taur and Swati Damodar: Stri Kosh: Bharitya Istri Kavita a Her poems are being translated into Gujarati and Catalan (Spain). Her poems in Panjabi were published in Preet Larhi. Her interview was also projected on On Prasaranga Kuv (University of Kuvempu) page.

Dr. Ishmeet Kaur Chaudhry also engages in conducting talks on women concerns, well-being and mindfulness. She firmly believes that in a world that is full of pressures, there is an innate energy within human beings that can be positively channelised into making this world a better place. She engages in discourses on various aspects of spirituality, learnings from Guru Granth Sahib, and real-life memoirs.


She has delivered lectures in various institutions and different countries like Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, America, Pakistan, United Kingdom, and Spain. Most recently, she was invited as a Guest faculty at University of Barcelona, Spain where she also delivered the 2023 Doireann MacDermott Lecture in April 2023.