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Gael de Kerguenec

Poet, Painter and Diplomat- France

Gael de Kerguenec, a painter, poet and linguist, is currently director Allaince Francaise, Ahmedabad. He has traveled and worked around the world for many years.Inspirations drawn from local cultures and languages have enriched his art. Currently, he has taken over the post at Alliance Francaise d'Ahmedabad as Director. Previous to this, he was living in China for 10 years, he joined the Chinese techniques of ink painting and water color to its original and abstract art to push the Chinese traditional techniques to ongoing experimentation. Poet, he initially sought to recreate the feelings generated by his poems to move towards its present credo: " Painting ideas." The force crept into the brush stroke, diluting of inks and colors and how to distribute them on rice paper are specific to each work generating a constant renewal of sensations and feelings.