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Farha Naz

Writer, Publisher, Digital Marketer, Art Curator, Literary Ambassador

 Farha Naz 

Writer, Publisher, Art Curator,Digital Marketer, Literary Ambassador

Farha Naz is the Director of Lab Academia Research and Publishing Center, a positioning and branding firm that has six different wings. She is the founder member of Motivate India Society and works for providing educational support and platforms to creative talents. She is a literary ambassador, an enthusiast of digital marketing and has been organizing a number of socio-cultural, literary and artistic events in different cities of India. She has successfully curated four National level Art Exhibitions (group shows) by the name, Hues of Bliss ( She is also known for her motivational anthologies such as Hope Reborn, Youth as Nation Builders, The Wit and Wisdom of Thought Leaders, Perspectives of Hope and recently published book, “How to overcome failure”.

Prior to her current role, she was the Editorial member of several esteemed publications. She worked at the Indian Institute of Information Technology – Allahabad (IIIT-A). Her research work has been published in several International Journals and Conferences. She also looked after Swachh Kumbh in the recently concluded Kumbh Mela 2019.

An international publication, “The story mint” has awarded Naaz for her article on her favourite author Jalalu’ddin Rumi. Ms. Farha Naz is known by her Sufi pen name “Ishq Niazi” and belongs to the Niazi Sufi Silsila. Her verses are available at FB: ishqniyazi and IG:

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