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Dr. Payal Mehta

Academician, Writer and Translator

 Dr. Payal G. Mehta

Qualification : B.A. (Gold Medallist) M.A. (English Literature), MBA (HR)LL.B.

 Experience :

15 years (In academics and inTraining)

Completing Ph.D. on Pink Entrepreneurs: The struggle of women with special reference to Mompreneurs

Field of Interest :

Reading , Writing, Travelling, Translation, Classical Dancing

Have translated many government projects including Gujarat Tourism From Gujarati to English.

Have translated stories from Gujarati to English and from English to Gujarati.

Explore new ways and ideas of communication, Deliver Soft skills Training

 Achievements :

 ?          Have presented papers on various subjects like “Constitutional rights in maternity leaves of Mompreneurs”, “Climate change and Mompreneurs – trail shifting”

?          Won the award of best paper at Youth Summit – 2017, paper title: “Struggle of Mompreneurs in the new eras” – paper was published in Journal.

?          Presented and published paper in University Journal on “Maternity benefits to Momprenuers in India”

?          Presented paper on “Roles of women characters in mythological plays of Girish Karnad”

?          Had been teaching at various institutes like CEPT, B.K. School of Business Management, K.S. School of Business Management

?          Have conducted lecture Series/Seminars at IIM (Ahmedabad), IIM (Kolkata), A.M.A., CEPT, MICA


           Have conducted many Panel Discussions as a Moderator and as a Panellist in many of the Webinars and E-discussion during Pandemic, and before Pandemic in physical forms.