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Dipti Patel

Founder - WordFamous Literary Agency

 Dipti Patel , founder, WordFamous Literary Agents (  is based at Mumbai. Her list of authors include CEOs, film makers, journalists, start-up founders, political leaders, academicians and even first time & young budding writers. She has placed manuscripts across genres like literary fiction, thrillers, mythological fiction, business books, biographies, recipe books, children books, poetry, current affairs and self-help among others. She is passionate about promoting the regional writers and gets the classics and other great works in vernacular languages like Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam translated and published in English. She has assisted authors from countries like US, UK, Israel, Germany, UAE and New Zealand. She has also started accepting and converting book to screen proposals. She speaks Hindi, English, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil , Marathi and Marwari.