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Cyrus Dastur

Founder, SHAMIANA, A Short Film Co.
Cyrus F. Dastur is largely regarded as the Founder of the Short Film Movement in India over 10 years ago. He started off with a few screenings in Bombay and Pune way back in 2007-08 when the concept of Short Films was still pretty alien to 99% of the audiences.
 10 years later, Short Films are the new big thing and his Short Film company SHAMIANA screens out of 15 cities clocking over 18 screenings every month and works with some of the largest brands of India today! A theatre personality himself, Cyrus has also produced and acted in various productions including When God Said Cheers with the late Tom Alter and Anurag Kashyap and has recently opened his new production 'Strangers In the Night'  which is an English musical play set in the 60s.
  Cyrus has also ventured into Feature Film production with his Bollywood film 'Sweetie Weds NRI' having released last year and he's currently working on a few other projects.