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Atul Khanna

Author And Entrepreneur

Atul Khanna is a risk-taking, self-taught entrepreneur who is connecting people, cultures and technology, often ahead of its time. He has built enterprises in manufacturing, engineering, machine vision, life sciences and now education by building an Indian-European knowledge corridor over the years. He lives a quiet, joyous life with his family and friends in Pune, India, and travels to Europe for work.


He has been Knighted by the Finnish Government, received the best foreign owned company award in Sweden and a Life time Achievement award from Deccan Chamber of Commerce, designs German cars and trains amongst other honours for his professional work. He coordinates the work of Scientists, Engineers, to create a sum that is greater than its parts on a global concurrent engineering model.


His first book, 'Between You and Me - Flight to Societal Moksha', is published by Bloomsbury.  It  ideates on fresh 21st century constitutional and governance ideas to harness the talents of 600 million young people under 25 years, a phenomenon unique to the planet. Succinct solutions lead not only to what we must change and why but more importantly, when we change, what would we do different this time.


Thus begins a vast conversation, a blue print an easy tutorial on issues, which we may not know so much, but need to know, to be on the pilot seat.  For a future where the bright and young, who are this country’s natural champions rather than risk being its victims.