Arif Raja

Arif Raja is one of the promising and prominent poets of Kannada language. He was born on 6th December 1983 at Arakera village in Rayachuru district of Karnataka state. His name is foremost among the new generation kannada poets. He was a primary school teacher for many years and now is working as an assistant professor in a degree college. His collection of poems include, “Saitanana Pravadi” (Prophet of Satan), “Jangama Phakeerana Jolige” (Satchel of the Mendicant Faqir), and “Benkige Todisida Batte” (A Raiment for Fire) are published in the year 2006, 2009, and 2013 respectively. Style of Arif Raja’s poetry is unique.  It is intense by unique use of phrases and powerful metaphors. His poetry inherently expresses in a subtle manner social concerns and rises universal questions regarding Life.

Arif Raja received Da.Ra. Bendre Award in 2010, Aralu award of Karnataka sahitya academy in 2010, Yuva Puraskara of Kendra sahitya Academy in 2012, and Dinakara Desai Award in 2014 for his poetry. These are besides many a poetry competition and book Awards. Many of his poems are translated to other Indian Languages including English.

Arif Raja can be contacted at

Mobile no. 09019893784.