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Abu Bakarr Semithy Turay

Poet, Author and Researcher from Sierra leonean

 Abu Bakarr Semithy Turay

Abu Bakarr Semithy Turay is a Sierra Leonean born polific Poet, seasoned erudite, researcher, private investigator, creative thinker, teacher, media writer, academic pundit, legal-minded creature and brilliant orator of our era. He has authored many books like, Geopolitics, Political Justice, Power of Law. He has been recognised by various organizations nationally and internationally for his resilient and frantic efforts to transform the world with his ideology.

Abu Bakarr S Turay with his stage name King ABEST is a Pan-Africanist, that view advocating and leadership as his responsibilities towards mankind.

 He is currently serving his second term as a Central Board Executive Member (CEC) in the World Organization of Students and Youths (Wosy) a sister Organization to ABVP. Advocating for the well-being of international students in India.