Vishwesh Desai was born and raised in Ahmedabad, as a hardcore Gujju who unfortunately can’t read or write Gujarati properly to save his life. A 14-year-old with a fierce passion for reading and writing, the publication of his short stories in the Estrade magazine and the 2015 edition of the ‘I CAN’ book preceded the completion of his first novel, which also just happens to be the fourth one he started. Words, written or spoken, are his strength. Apart from his writing, he’s a regular participant and winner at Model United Nations conferences. His creative streak extends to painting and sketching, and he has a few art exhibitions under his belt. In his spare time, Vishwesh has worked with NGOs such as Akshaya Patra, Prabhat, Seva Café, and Heal. He currently visits an old-age home every Saturday to spend time with the elderly. Vishwesh lives with his family in Ahmedabad, India. You can reach him on