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Prem Gadhavi


Prem Gadhavi

With a prolific career spanning more than sixteen years, Prem Gadhavi has earned a unique place in the realms of film, television and theatre in Gujarat and beyond.

Born and raised in the metropolitan culture of Ahmedabad, Prem always found himself interested as well as involved in the various forms of art & literature in addition to his academia.

Prem graduated with his Bachelor of Arts specializing in World History from Gujarat University. Thereafter, he pursued his Master’s degree in Development and Communication from the Gujarat University.

His work as an actor, writer and director in various commercial as well as government projects has brought to life a variety of concepts, riveting conflicts and compelling characters with hues ranging from comedy to drama, from emotion to thrill, from mass to class.

Prem is keenly interested in exploring avenues where art impacts society. Besides commercial ventures like organizing workshops and teaching theatre at Pandit Deendayal Petroluem University, he is a constant seeker of the means to discover the true potential of the art of performance.

During the controversial and violent communal riots plaguing Gujarat in 2002, he actively helped the juvenile victims overcome their trauma through Drama Therapy sessions. He has traveled across Gujarat performing street plays to raise social awareness for the abolition of Raam Paatra practise among the Dalit community. He was centrally involved in creating documentaries for UNICEF and Centre for Social Justice which focused on social upliftment and progress of underprivileged women.

Prem Gadhavi is name that resonates with theatre, both commercial and experimental. Another significant achievement in his career has been “102 Not Out”, a path-breaking play that has had more than 650 illustrious shows (and counting), traveled across the world, and is now being adapted into a Hindi feature film.

To mention a few of his various accolades, Prem Gadhavi was awarded as the Best Writer by the Sangeet Naatak Academy for his Gujarati play “Najar Najar Ni Vaat”. He also received the Best Director award for the same from Indian National Theatre (INT) and Gujarat Samachar.

There is seldom a moment of inactivity in the ever-dynamic life of Prem Gadhavi. He is presently penning a script for a feature film which he himself plans to direct by year end. The film presents the concept of a radical social stigma in an engaging humorous manner. He will also be seen anchoring for the Gujarati Iconic Film Awards in early January.

Filmgography :


  • Polampol(Actor, Writer)
  • Wassup Zindagi(Actor)
  • Vitamin She (Actor)
  • Chor Bani Thangaat Kare(Actor)
  • Passport (Actor)
  • Happy Family Pvt. Ltd. (Actor, Lyricist)
  • Patang {Hindi} (Actor, Asst Casting Director)
  • Daud Pakad(Actor, Writer)(yet to release)
  • Backbenchers (Actor) (yet to release)
  • Ekade Ek (Actor)(yet to release)


  • “Mazaak Mazaak Mein ” - Serial for Life Ok
  • “Khidki” - Episodic Serial for Sab TV
  • “Hirjee Ni Marji” - Serial for Colors Gujarati
  • “ Ek Moti Ekalvayu” - an episodic serial
  • “ Lok Sagar Na Moti” - an episodic serial
  • “ Ak Dal Na Pankhi” - Dailysoap
  • “ Diva Dandi” - an episodic serial
  • “ Ladu NuJaman” - Telefilm
  • “ Vethiya Majur” - Docudrama
  • “ Bhage Padti Bhoy” - Docudrama
  • “Trycon Led” - Ad Film National release
  • “ Klyani” - Ad film national release
  • “ So Divas Ni Rojgari” Ad film for Doordarshan
  • “ Sama Pravahe” Docudrama


  • “102 Not out” - written and directed by Saumya Josi
  • “Gandhi Tari Bik Chhe, Baaki Badhu Thik Chhe” - directed by Vipul Vithlaani
  • “ Dost Chokas Ahin Nagar Vastun Hatun” - written and directed by Saumya Joshi
  • “ Aanthma Tara Nu Akash” -adapted and directed by Saumya Joshi
  • “ Svapna” - directed by Bipin Bapodra
  • “ Kanchan Karshe Gaam Ne Kanchan” - directed by Rajoo Barotv
  • “ Sav Amari Jaat Alag Chhe” - directed by Rajoo Barot
  • “ Dhaboo Raja” - directed by Nisarg Trivedi
  • “ Chandu Tarkat” - directed by Aashish Kakad
  • “ Ketlu Andharu Hu Luchhu” - directed by Paresh Vyash
  • “ Ram Ram Ghar Ghar Ma Shri Ram” - directed by Rajendra Dutt
  • “ Nava Kalevar Dharo Hansla” - directed by Suresh Raval
  • “ Sang No Prabhav” - directed by Suresh Raval
  • “ Raja Abhaysing” - directed by Bipin Bapodra