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Dr. Manisha Saxena


Dr. Manisha  Saxena  is a paediatrician cum novelist, practising at her own Shaurya  Children  Clinic,  Bharuch,  Gujarat.
She has a multifaceted personality. She was a brilliant student and recipient of the prestigious National Talent Search scholarship. Although in the field of medicine she loved arts and literature right from  her  childhood. 
She  penned  her  first  short  story  at  the  age  of  thirteen  for  her  school  magazine  and  thus  pursued  her  literary  talents  later  on.
Her  penchant  for  writing  showed  when  she  contributed  popular  blogs  to  the  IBN citizen  journalist  CNN  IBN  news  channel  18  during  the  years  2013-14. Several of her   blogs  were  published  by  Ibncj.
Around  the  same  time  her  YouTube  channel  became  a  popular  travel  video  blog  and  many  of  them  were  again   appreciated  by  CNN IBN  news.
In  November  2016,  Leadstart  Publishing,  Mumbai published her  debut  fiction novel  NATAL  FAULT.  Natal  Fault  is  a bold  and  beautiful  novel,  an  irresistible  socio-political  saga,  which  scales  seventy  years  of  Indian  panorama  both  contemporary  and  classic  and  has  a  poignant  love  story  cocooned  within  it.  It explores love,  war  and  the  social  turmoil. It  would  appeal to  a  wide  range  of  readers from  adolescents  to  the  elderly  both  men  and  women.
Dr. Manisha,  is  also  a  trained  classical  vocalist  and  has  a keen  interest in  reading,  writing,  travelling,  public  speaking,  photography  and  painting.
Availability  and  launches  of  NATAL  FAULT:
Natal fault  is  available  at  several  e-commerce   sites  like  amazon,  flipkart,,, etc. 
It is also  available  in  the  International  market  via  and  Barnes & Noble i.e.
The  e-book  is  also  available at kindle,  newshunt,  createspace,,  Baker&Taylor, apple itunes,  juggernaut,  scribd etc.
It  is  available  at  around   30  bookstores  across  the  country  from  Gurdaspur in Punjab, New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata,  Guwahati,  Chennai,  Mysore, Thiruvananthapuram,  Kochi,  Surat  , Indore ,  Raipur, Ranchi,  Pune, Rourkela  etc.
The book  was  first  launched  at  Crossword, Vadodara  on  December 18, 2016  and  later  at  Crossword  Surat  on  January  22, 2017 .  It was also launched at Atta Galatta Bangalore on 6th May, 2017  and  at  the  K J Choksi  Library,  Bharuch.
Natal  Fault  is  due  to  be launched  at the Ahmedabad  International  Literary  Festival,  December 2017.